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Quick News - 01.jan.2013
Bluedays Software is glad to announce the start of a new venture. More details will come in the comming month when the site and iOS (iPhone/iPad) application will be released.
Quick News - 01.Jan.2010
iSynch is being discontinued. The latest stable release is still available for download.
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Download version 1.3.1 now ! (726K)
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iSynch Lite France
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If you have any problem to download the archive from the US mirror, send a mail to the support group

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Highly Recommended Books
Programming in Objective-C (4th Edition)
A concise, carefully written tutorial on the basics of Objective-C and object-oriented programming for Apple's iOS and Mac platforms. Both beginners and experienced programmers alike can use this book to quickly and effectively.

The iOS 5 Developer's CookbookThe bestselling author and iOS development guru Erica Sadun brings together all the information you need to quickly start building successful iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

iSynch 1.3.1 final [25/Feb/00]
iSynch is an easy-to-use File Transfer client program for Macintosh specifically made to simplify updating Web sites. It allows synchronization between a local folder on a mac with a directory on a FTP server in an efficient way to save your time. It doesn't replace a FTP client but doesn't need one. It has special features to update your web site or keep a mirror of a FTP server easier than by doing it by hand like by keeping track of modification dates, synchronization dates, gives the possiblity to ignore files/folders by a simple click.

BlueLibrary Pack1 v1.4 for CW11 [11/Oct/98]
'BlueLibrary' is a set of libraries for the Powerplant framework by MetroWerks. They are designed to work with Powerplant 1.6 (CW11)
Pack 1 v1.4 is composed of 5 libraries each of which can be bought separatly. Version 1.5 (CwPro3) available for registered users.
Guide Constructor v1.0d5 [11/Oct/98]
'GuideConstructor' is an helper for making Help files designed for AppleGuide 2.0. It gives you a friendly user interface to create and maintain guides.
Tables - Source Code [3/Nov/98]
This package contains source code to manage tables using PowerPlant. it was an attempt to have my own tables, but soon after Metrowerks released its own classe 'LHierachyTable', then I tried to rewrite my class using LHierachyTable, and then later using both LHierachyTable and LOutlineTable. For now I have a big mix which works fine. Use them a your own risk, If you have any good ideas I can add, be free to email them to me.
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